5G Identities

(Based on 3GPP Specification in Release 15 and 16) 5G Identities Each subscriber in the 5G System is allocated one 5G Subscription Permanent Identifier (SUPI) for use within the 3GPP system. The 5G System supports identification of subscriptions independently of identification of the user equipment. Each UE accessing the 5G System shall be assigned aContinue reading “5G Identities”

5G Identities

NTIPRIT is organizing a Webinar on ‘5G Identities’, as part of webinar series on ‘Emerging trends in 5G’, scheduled to be held on ‘ 10th February 2021, 1100Hrs to 1300Hrs’. The session will be delivered by me. The webinar is specially designed for officers of DoT, CDoT, ITI, BSNL, MTNL and other stakeholders. The webinarContinue reading “5G Identities”

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) – Coexistence of 5G NR with 4G LTE

5G is the first ever mobile radio system that is designed to use any spectrum from below 1 GHz up to millimetre waves. 5G is also designed to be deployed in licensed, shared and unlicensed spectrum bands. 5G can use Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) technology for paired spectrum and Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology forContinue reading “Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) – Coexistence of 5G NR with 4G LTE”

5G Identifier SUPI and SUCI

Subscription Permanent Identifier (SUPI) A SUPI is a 5G globally unique Subscription Permanent Identifier (SUPI) allocated to each subscriber and defined in 3GPP specification TS 23.501. The SUPI value is provisioned in USIM and UDM/UDR function in 5G Core. Subscription Concealed Identifier (SUCI) Subscription Concealed Identier (SUCI) is a privacy preserving identifier containing the concealedContinue reading “5G Identifier SUPI and SUCI”

Open RAN Architecture

Dear Friends Thanks for watching 5G sessions on my you tube channel.  Now I have recorded series of sessions on Open RAN. Part 3   In part 1 I have covered basic concepts of Traditional RAN, Virtual RAN and Open RAN. In Part 2 , I have covered CRAN or Centralised RAN / Cloud RAN /Continue reading “Open RAN Architecture”

How to record your session for youtube.

Dear Friends Many of you requested me to share how I record my sessions as Video. So I have created a video tutorial and uploaded on YouTube on below link. It’s Super Simple. Now it’s your turn to record your session and share with all of us.


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