5G in 5 minutes

If you do not have time but want to learn 5G, this video is for you. This video explains 5G in 5 minutes.

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Mobile Communication evolution from 1G to 5G

Do you know, when mobile communication started. How it then evolved from 1st Generation of mobile communication to next generation of mobile communication and now 5th Generation.

This video answers all these questions and explains evolution of network architecture from 1G to 5G.

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Quality of Service in 5G System / Network

I have recorded my session on Quality of Service in 5G Network/System.

The 5G Systems are supposed to offer different quality of services for different usage scenarios like eMBB, URLLC and mMTC.

The session is focused on establishing PDU session for an UE and various QOS flows like GBR, NGBR RQOS etc which is established to support various services.

As video covers all aspects of 5G QOS, it’s duration is bit longer. But if you have less time to spare, first 10 minutes will give you enough idea about it.

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Unblocking Blockchain

Rahul is an Author of the book “Unblocking Blockchain: Enabling your digital future” . The Expected Publication is scheduled in Dec 2020) 

On my request, he agreed to take an interactive session for 2018 batch of 15  Indian Telecom Service Officers on 27th August 2020 , 8 PM IST. Here is a link having brief detail of these officers


His session on blockChain, perticularly the business strategy part of it was brilliant. The one hour session lasted for one and Half hour.

Rahul is always looking forward for connecting with brilliant #Blockchain minds…If you are also  on a Blockchain journey? Connect with him… Only sky is the limit where Blockchain can take us in future!!

#emergingtech #innovation

You can hear him talking about his book at this link


I encourage all of you to become a beta reader of the book on the above link.

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5G New Radio in 15 Minutes

I have recorded a video tutorial on 5G New  Radio (NR) of about 15 minutes duration. This covers spectrum for NR, Numerology used, Resource block, frame structure, Resource grid and use of fine grane TDD.
Below is the youtube link for the same.

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Golu Devta Temple, Ghorakhal, Bhowali, Nainital

Golu Devta is considered as incarnation of Lord Shiva. There are many Golu Devta Temples in Kumaun region. One of the famous Golu Devta Temple is at Ghorakhal near Nainital. I visited here in 2013 and again in 2016 while on summer vacation trip to Nainital.

How to reach

The temple is in Ghorakhal and very near to Nainital. It is about 17 Km from Nainital and it takes about 40 minutes by Car. Ghorakhal is also famous for Sainik School, which is located beside the temple. During the day many devotees come and temple becomes bit crowded. I visited the temple in the early morning and found  the place very calm and divine.

Bells in the Temple

DSC00467When I visited the temple in 2013, I was surprised by seeing thousands of bells of different sizes hanging in and around the temple. It was something new for me. I learnt that these are hanged by Devotees over the time.

Petitions by Devotees

There is unique tradition of writing and submitting petitions by devotees. The devotees writes their wish on peace of paper and hang in the temple. It is believed that Golu Devta reads the petitions and accomplish the wishes of devotees.

The devotees come again in the temple once their wishes are accomplished and hang new bells in the temple. Over the time, temple is flooded with bells all across and around the temple.


Super Moon

I am writing this article on 7th April 2020, an important date. The moon today will be super moon.

The size of moon will look bigger and will be brighter. This is because the moon will be nearest to earth and also full moon.


When Earth , moon and Sun are in straight line, full moon occurs. We see it every month. When three celestial bodies come in straight line, it is called syzygy.

Perigee and Apogee

Moon has elliptical orbit. Every point on the orbit has different distance from earth. The earth is also not in centre of the elliptical orbit. The point on orbit which is nearest to earth is called perigee. The point on orbit which is farthest from earth is called apogee.

Perigee Syzygy

When full moon or new moon occures and it is on perigee or near to perigee, the moon looks bigger and brighter. This moon is called Super moon. It is also called Perigee syzygy of earth , moon and sun.

Pink Moon

The Super moon occuring today is also called pink moon. We should not confuse with colour of moon. The pink name comes from pink flower which bloom, during this period of super moon.

Effect of Super Moon

All of us know that tide occurs in the sea due to combined gravitational force of moon and sun. During Super moon, as moon is nearer to earth, the tides are about 2 inch higher than normal tide.

Micro Moon

When full moon occurs and it is at apogee or near to apogee, its size and brightness is lesser. It is called micro moon.

Size , Brightness and Distance

The Super moon is 14% larger and 30% brighter compared to micro moon.

The distance of earth from perigee is 3,63,300 KM and from apogee is 4,05,500 KM.

Best time to see

The best time to see a super moon is at the time of moon rise. It looks bigger and spectacular as it is near to horizon

Although Super moon occurs once or twice every year, the closest was on November 2016.

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